About Reena SenGupta


Reena is a graduate of George Washington University where she earned a B.A. in International Affairs with a concentration in International Development. Her research skills and international experience have been refined with opportunities such as an internship at the Peace Corps and a semester exchange in Paris, France. As a research assistant, Reena supports DCI research initiatives and explores new topics in tourism and economic development.

Reena’s Passion for Places

Reena grew up in the Midwest and was the only person of multiple ethnicities in her class. This scenario prompted her to ponder constantly the role of culture and the importance of travel. At a young age, Reena spent time in India visiting family. She left India feeling completely inspired and determined to share this experience with others. Since then, Reena has embraced her passion for places, immersing herself in French culture, exploring Europe, and spending time in Haiti, as well as Costa Rica. Next on her list is Peru!



Reena SenGupta at play

Up Close

Aside from travel, Reena has a passion for holistic health and wellness. She is a certified yoga instructor and loves learning about Eastern medicine. Reena also has a love for fashion, design and the arts, and is always exploring new styles and artists.

Where You’ll find Reena on the Weekend

If Reena isn’t at yoga, she is meeting up with friends for brunch, and taking long walks around the city discovering hidden gems.

Places that Reena has called Home

Cincinnati, Ohio

Washington, DC

New York, New York

Surprising Facts about Reena

Flip It: Reena was a competitive gymnast from the age of six to seventeen. She was on track to be an elite, collegiate gymnast. However, the day before a qualifying meet, Reena injured her elbow and was required to retire from the sport. Reena then transitioned to a coaching role until she left for college.

Urban Buddha: Reena’s love for health, wellness and yoga led her to start a Instagram-based blog, @the.urban.buddha. On the blog, Reena reflects on her own wellness journey, posts her favorite yoga flows, and reviews holistic selfcare products.

Sustainable: Reena has a love for the environment that her mother instilled in her from a young age. At GW, she would take classes on conservation, the environment and sustainability any chance she had, and in her last semester, she found out that she had fulfilled a sustainability minor without even meaning to! What she learned through her sustainability minor is now one of Reena’s favorite conversation topics.