About Priya Sharma


A Southern California native, Priya joined DCI after serving as the communications assistant at The Collins College of Hospitality Management at Cal Poly Pomona, where she fell in love with content writing, social media, and anything to do with telling stories. Today she combines that experience, along with media relationships she nurtured at the Unique Empire, to pitch and place stories about travel destinations on America’s West Coast. Priya holds a bachelor’s degree in communications with a minor in marketing from Cal Poly Pomona.

Priya’s Passion for Places

During her freshman year of college, Priya spontaneously booked a one-way bus ticket to San Francisco and spent a week in the city by herself. This adventure taught her that there is nothing more exciting than stepping out of her comfort zone.  Since then, she has developed a passion for learning new things about new people, especially in new places.

Notable Results

  • For the destinations of the “California Collective,” Priya garnered nationwide editorial coverage for various vacation packages, including Buena Park’s VIP packages.
  • While at the creative agency the Unique Empire, she helped secure media placements about various up-and-coming lifestyle businesses, which resulted in coverage in the Los Angeles Times and LA Weekly.
  • For The Collins College of Hospitality Management, Priya Interviewed and wrote feature stories about prominent leaders in the hospitality industry, including Bryan Allred, president of Sysco Los Angeles, and Dan Medina.
  • Priya has helped produce events for 40 to 4,000 people, including Visit California’s “Los Angeles Media Event,” the Unique Holiday Market and Hospitality Uncorked’s annual gala.
Priya Sharma at play

Up Close

Priya loves learning anything and everything about pop culture. She has a ton of memes saved on her phone and dreams about one day opening a museum of memes — a meme-seum.

Where You’ll Find Priya on the Weekend

You can usually find Priya either at the city’s latest brewery or on the Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica Pier.

Places Priya Has Called Home

Los Angeles, CA

Surprising Facts about Priya

Dancing Queen: Priya has been practicing Bharatanatyam, a classical Indian dance form, for 10 years and counting. For her capstone project at her dance school, she had to perform a three-hour solo show in front of 350 people. It took her 14 months to prepare for it — and she nailed it!

Karaoke Olympian: If karaoke were a sport, Priya would probably get an A+ for effort. Though she wasn’t gifted with Mariah Carey’s voice, she enjoys a fun-filled night of terrible singing.

Reptile Rescuer: Two summers ago, Priya found a full-grown turtle in her front yard that none of her neighbors claimed. So, she adopted him and named him Raja, which means “king” in Hindi. Though she never liked reptiles before, she has built a deep and special bond with Raja.