About Luther Mosher


Before joining to DCI in 2015, Luther had more than five years of experience working as a graphic designer creating brand identities, concept art and presentation design for companies ranging from start ups to established Fortune 500 companies. Luther graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Cartooning and Illustration. His experience lends itself to creating work that borrows from his knowledge of visual storytelling and dynamic composition.

Passion for Places

Luther’s biggest adventure in travel was the one he made when he moved to New York City from Florida. Most of his traveling has been in the form of camping throughout the southeastern US, so his desire for travel has yet to be fulfilled. His bucket list of places to go includes New Zealand, Holland, Britain, Italy and Hawaii… more or less in that order.

Notable Results

  • As one of his first projects at DCI, Luther created the design for the striking 2015 MICE Winning Strategies research report.
  • Luther has created brand identities for start up companies from the ground up, personally crafting work that engages the client as well as the consumer
  • Luther has worked to design intuitive infographics, illustrations and compelling B2B presentations for clients such as Havas, CBX, Hall & Partners, Eurasia Group and Weber Shandwick Worldwide.





Luther Mosher at play

Up Close

Luther likes to create things. He sometimes feels weird about calling himself an artist or saying he’s creative, but whether it’s drawing, song writing, working on his graphic novel or his children’s book series, creating is the vast majority of what he spends his time doing. Originally from St. Petersburg, Florida, Luther moved to New York in 2006 to study illustration and cartooning.

Where you’ll find Luther on The Weekend

If he’s not on a hike with his fiancé Corinne, debating politics and movies with his friends, or reading comic books and biographies, you’ll find him deep down in his Hobbit Hole of a basement apartment furiously drawing or writing some sort of all- consuming art project.

Places that Luther has Called Home

St. Petersburg, Florida

Jersey City, New Jersey

New York City, New York

Surprising Facts about Luther

Mosher Musicians: He’s a musician from a family of musicians. His brother, dad, uncle, aunt, two cousins and great grandfather (my namesake) are all musicians. Luther plays piano, bass, guitar, drums and can sing as he puts it “tolerably and in key…mostly.” While it’s pretty rare to get all of them in the same location, when his whole family does get together to make music it’s a blast and the ensuing jams are “distinctly Mosher”…whatever that might mean.

Illustrated Man: Luther is an illustrator. While he’s been working for five years as a graphic designer, Luther originally went to school for illustration and cartooning. His biggest success as an illustrator was when he got to draw the cover for a single by for one of his two favorite bands: Ben Folds Five. (His other favorite band is the Beatles, of course.)

Eagle Scout: While Luther may have forgotten some of the survivalist skills he learned to become an Eagle Scout, what has stayed with  him is how to  set difficult goals and achieve them.