About Laurel Gann



Laurel joined DCI full-time in 2018 after interning with the agency’s digital team. She has worked on various projects including DCI’s 2019 40 Under 40 Awards, and now creates social media copy for clients ranging from cities to countries. Laurel specializes in social media writing and content development and enjoys exercising her passion for places through her work at DCI. Prior to joining DCI in 2018, Laurel studied Communications at the College of Charleston and worked as an assistant to the owner of a local boutique marketing firm, gaining hands-on experience in social media marketing via various small business clients.

Laurel’s Passion for Places

Having relatives spread across the U.S., Laurel has been traveling since a young age and has visited almost every U.S. state. During college, she and her two best friends spent a month traveling around Europe, visiting six countries with lots of overnight buses in between. Her favorite place was a tie between Budapest, Hungary and Burano, Italy. When planning a trip to a new place, Laurel obsessively researches restaurants, bars and cultural attractions, learning everything about it before even stepping off the plane so she doesn’t fall victim to tourist traps. Laurel loves traveling because it gets her out of her comfort zone and allows her to collect unique experiences to remember for years to come.

Notable Results

  • Assisted in the promotion and implementation of DCI’s 2019 Economic Development 40 Under 40 Awards, which received a record 216 nominations
  • Created DCI’s social media content for the International Economic Development Council’s 2018 Annual Conference
  • Coordinated all digital promotion for The Project podcast
Laurel Gann at play


Up Close

In her free time, Laurel enjoys spending time with friends, binge watching television shows, exploring all the great restaurants Denver has to offer and being an overbearing dog mother. Obsessed with Asian and Italian food, Laurel rarely eats anything that doesn’t involve noodles (unless it’s a breakfast burrito from the Frontier in Albuquerque).

Where You’ll Find Laurel on a Sunny Day

On a sunny day, you’ll find Laurel frolicking in the mountains with her dogs, lounging on the patio of one of Denver’s countless breweries or rock climbing with her friends. Not a huge fan of winter weather, Laurel makes it her mission to soak up all 300 days of that sweet Colorado sunshine.

Places Laurel Has Called Home

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Charleston, South Carolina

Denver, Colorado

Surprising Facts About Laurel

Musical Theatre Aficionado: Laurel has never met a musical that didn’t make her cry. Having grown up with a theatre-obsessed, professional opera singer aunt, Laurel learned to appreciate the arts at a young age, and often sings showtunes (badly) at the top of her lungs when home alone. Her favorites are Les Miserables, RENT and Mamma Mia.

Girl Power: Laurel spent her last two semesters at the College of Charleston working on her senior project, which took on the form of a podcast titled “The Triumphs and Tribulations of the 2017 Women’s March on Washington.” This allowed Laurel to explore her passion for women’s rights and interact with some of the driving forces behind the movement.

Turn It Up to Eleven: Not usually a fan of crowds, Laurel makes an exception when it comes to live music. She has seen her favorite band, The Front Bottoms, six times in concert, and has also attended several music festivals including the Governor’s Ball in NYC and Music Midtown in Atlanta. Much to her dismay, Laurel possesses no musical talent of her own.