About Kiara Concepcion


Kiara joined Development Counsellors International in July 2013. Before working as a Staff Accountant for the company, she worked as an Assistant to the Controller at Fishs Eddy LLC. She started at Fishs Eddy as a part-time employee and worked full-time after receiving her Bachelor Business of Administration at Baruch College and majoring in Public Accounting.

Kiara’s Passion for Places

Kiara was born in the Philippines and moved to New York at the age of 7. During her high school days, Kiara had the opportunity to visit cities in Europe, such as Budapest and Vienna, when she joined the Travel club. While learning to like crunching numbers in college, Kiara took the time to join AISEC, a club that promoted cultural diversification.

Notable Results

  • Since joining DCI, Kiara assisted in helping the finance division run smoother and more efficient.
  • Kiara has taken some weights off of Carrie’s shoulders by assisting her with tasks such as bank reconciliation, administering Dubai billing, and consolidating financial reports.
  • Kiara is currently overseeing and inputting transaction activities for DCI’s books in Canada and is the DCI administrator of an expense-reporting program called Concur.
Kiara Concepcion at play

Up Close

Growing up, Kiara speaks Tagalog frequently with her family and relatives to stay in touch with her native roots. She also joined clubs and conferences to learn more about the culture and history of the Philippines throughout middle school till college. Though she actively seeks to learn more about her heritage, Kiara enjoys eating American comfort food and frequently craves barbeque ribs.

Where You’ll Find Kiara on the Weekend

Kiara often plays tennis during summer mornings in Queens and likes to relax with friends and families by participating in random activities across NYC, such as visiting the Transit Museum in Brooklyn or exploring various eateries. She also does not mind plopping down on the couch wrapped up in her snuggie while eating hummus and carrots as she watches Netflix documentaries.

Places that Kiara has called Home

Pampanga, Philippines

Queens, New York

Surprising Facts about Kiara

Bug Diet? Possibly But Unlikely: The most bizarre food that Kiara ever ate and actually enjoyed (no joke) were these seasoned fried crickets from the Philippines called camaro. Camaro are raised in rice fields and when cooked, they are crunchy and a bit sweet. Kiara would not mind eating them again if fried properly.

Hide the Snacks: Though Kiara is small and petite in figure, she loves food just as much as she loves to travel. She always keeps her office drawer full of snacks and scans through online food blogs to try to recreate their recipes only during special occasions though.

Thanks for the Deposit! Kiara’s first job was a high school internship at Washington Mutual Bank in her junior year. Though it was only an internship, Kiara had similar tasks as a typical bank teller but was not required to work 40 hours a week. She enjoyed checking her own personal account regularly, counting cash, and assisting interesting clients.