About Kaitlin Lapka


Since joining DCI in 2016, Kaitlin has played a significant role in content creation, marketing strategy and media relations for clients like the Netherlands, Texas, New Hampshire, Auckland, New Zealand and Dutchess County, New York. Prior to DCI, Kaitlin worked at a Michigan-based nonprofit where she launched a citywide placemaking initiative focused on arts and culture.

Kaitlin holds a BBA from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, where she studied marketing, management and urban studies.

Kaitlin’s Passion for Places

Thanks to her Midwestern rustbelt upbringing, Kaitlin learned firsthand that investment in a community can mean more than just dollars. After falling in love with the stories of her own backyard, Kaitlin transitioned from Michigan to New York so that she could expand her knowledge and impact many more communities around the world.

Notable Results

  • An excellent writer with an aptitude for strategic content development, Kaitlin regularly leads the creation of print and digital deliverables, including writing nationally-contributed columns, blogs and e-newsletters, developing talking points and presentations and spearheading SEO-friendly copy for multiple client websites.
  • Kaitlin is a media relations asset to her clients, securing millions of media impressions in top-tier outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, USA Today and TheStreet, as well as in more than 20 diverse trade publications. Through international press trips and coordination of global business and trade missions, Kaitlin also has a track record of winning media results in top newspapers in Germany, France and China.
  • Combining attention to detail with a creative spirit, Kaitlin has become a “digital guru,” executing strategic social media marketing plans across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. From designing one-of-a-kind infographics for Twitter to implementing highly-targeted digital advertising campaigns, Kaitlin goes above and beyond to grow her clients’ digital brand.
  • Part of DCI’s expert talent attraction team, Kaitlin has substantial experience in advancing workforce and lifestyle marketing, including writing a comprehensive talent attraction microsite for New Hampshire and spearheading an in-depth research report for Auckland, New Zealand.
Kaitlin Lapka at play

Up Close

Kaitlin once learned that the best way to introduce yourself is to share both your “role” and your “soul.” Luckily, at DCI, Kaitlin’s role and soul are more aligned than ever! With a passion for history, storytelling, people and the communities that bind us together, Kaitlin smiles most when all of these connect in her daily life.

Where You’ll Find Kaitlin on the Weekend

While New York City is Kaitlin’s official home base, it can hard to pin her down on weekends. Whether visiting friends on the West Coast, adventure traveling through Cuba and Europe or catching weekender trains to the Hudson Valley and beyond, Kaitlin embodies DCI’s value of maintaining a “passion for places.”

Places that Kaitlin Has Called Home

Lansing, Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan

London, England

New York, New York

Surprising Facts about Kaitlin

  • The Golden Hour: Innately creative with a passion for travel and photography, Kaitlin enjoys storytelling through her personal blog. Some of her favorite locations? Dreamy international destinations like Greece and China top her list, but so do entrepreneurial home favorites, like New Orleans and Detroit.
  • Lake Effect: Having spent most of her life “up north,” Kaitlin is heavily influenced by the Great Lakes State. Not only did she learn how to drive a boat before a car, but she also loves spending time outside, including snowboarding, waterskiing, sailboat racing, spontaneous road trips and a good ol’ bonfire with friends and family.
  • One Cool Cat: Kaitlin boasts (or unwillingly admits to) a growing collection of cat-themed birthday cards. She blames it on one of her favorite childhood pets, which led to a friendly joke at one birthday party and has been tradition ever since.