About Janelle McKinsey


Janelle joined DCI in 2016 with a strong foundation in media relations and communications and a background in the entertainment and lifestyle industries. By creating consumer and industry awareness for a wide range of celebrity and lifestyle clients, she has had the opportunity to lead successful, high-impact PR campaigns and to earn kudos for creativity and quality placement. Today she leads DCI’s west coast-based tourism publicity group.

Janelle earned her bachelor’s degree in business marketing from California State University, Northridge.

Janelle’s Passion for Places:

Janelle’s passion for places stems from her curiosity of how others live. Approaching travel and exploration as a better way to understand different cultures is what she believes makes our societies function, and allows for human beings to be more appreciative of one another. Experiencing time “as a local” in different places is a priority of hers, and she admits that a food/culinary tour is probably one of her favorite ways to explore a new place! She has set a lofty goal to visit as many of the 196 countries in the world as possible throughout her life.

Notable Results:

  • Following California Wine Country wildfires, Janelle led a media relations campaign for Visit California that demonstrated the resilience of the region through a 500-person Grateful Table relief dinner event. The campaign raised nearly $150,000 toward relief efforts and generated more than 178 million media impressions worth more than $3.3 million.
  • To bring Long Beach out of the shadow of neighboring Los Angeles, Janelle led a year-long media relations campaign showcasing the destination’s vibrant downtown and cultural offerings. The campaign garnered 176 million media impressions worth $1.8 million.
  • Janelle implemented two production house and broadcast media tours with Visit Huntington Beach’s FilmHB team, and successfully introduced the destination to filming opportunities with “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Rachael Ray, NBC networks and Zero Point Zero Productions.
Janelle McKinsey at play

Up Close:

Janelle can be anywhere, at any time, doing anything as long as she is surrounded by her family, boyfriend, and closest friends. She finds joy in simply lounging around, enjoying a great bite to eat, or just spending time with the ones she loves.

Where You’ll Find Janelle on the Weekend:

Janelle is a self-proclaimed beach bum; growing up in Southern California, she never missed a get together on the beach with friends. Even if it was “too cold” (self-defined as anything less than 75 degrees Fahrenheit), that wouldn’t stop her from enjoying the attractions, shops and restaurants on the pier or on the waterfront walks.

Places that Janelle has Called Home:

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Honolulu, HI

Surprising Facts About Janelle:

  • N*SYNC for Life – Janelle was THE biggest N*SYNC fan! Growing up, she attended a concert of every tour the band put on, was the first to buy their CDs the day it came out, and had posters up like it was her wallpaper. Not to mention, the T-shirts, marionettes, DVDs, and knitted N*SYNC blanket that added to her collection.
  • A sibling 6,000 miles away – After hosting a foreign exchange student from Barcelona, Spain, Janelle could confidently add a brother to her family circle. She credits her urge to explore to the encounter she had with him; hearing about life in Spain at such a young age was a dream!
  • Volleying for 15 Years – Janelle has been playing volleyball for more than half of her life! Though she has taken a step back from competitive play in the past few years, she still enjoys a friendly pickup game once a week.