About Emily Ewing


Emily joined DCI is 2017, after working for DGI Comm and representing clients in the disruptive technology space. Prior to DGI Comm, Emily worked at Grey Group, where she worked on accounts such as Kiawah Island, Marriot Hotels and National Park Service. At DCI, she secures top-tier media placements for clients such as the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, Columbus 2020 and the Greater Phoenix Economic Council.

Emily graduated cum laude from Cornell University, where she majored in Communications and minored in Business.

Emily’s Passion for Places:

Emily is an adventurer at heart and finds any opportunity to experience new locations and terrains. She has hiked large chunks of the Appalachian Trail, explored the furthest tip of the Western United States on the summer solstice and climbed to some of the tallest American peaks. Emily has also visited almost every American state—only three more to go until she hits 50.

Outside of the United States, Emily has explored several European countries—some of her favorites include Spain and France. Next stop on her list is Croatia, to discover the vibrant culture, and Iceland, for some off-roading and exploring. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, however, is at the very top of Emily’s bucket list.

Notable Results:

  • Emily secures both top-tier and trade media results for clients, including USA Today, LA Times, The Wall Street Journal, TheStreet and more.
  • When a CEO from Columbus came to New York City for a media tour and was available for just a few hours in the afternoon, Emily secured several top-tier meetings, including Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Observer.
  • In addition to public relations, Emily has also worked in investor relations, coordinating investor road shows, booking buy-side and sell-side conference calls and completing extensive financial research.
Emily Ewing at play

Up Close:

Emily grew up in a small Connecticut town that (fun fact) acted as the inspiration for Gilmore Girls’ Stars Hollow! Growing up in the woods, Emily loves the outdoors and spends as much time in Central Park as she can when she’s not traveling outside of the city.

Where You’ll Find Emily on the Weekend

As a very active person, Emily can be found running in Central Park, taking a spinning class or getting her butt kicked at Barry’s Bootcamp. She is currently training for the NYC Marathon, so if you need a running buddy, she’s your girl.

Places Emily Has Called Home:

Yonkers, New York
Washington, Connecticut
Ithaca, New York
New York, New York

Surprising Facts about Emily:

Row, Row, Row your Boat: Emily was a Division I rower in college, where she and her team competed against some of the best crews in the nation. Her favorite moment was beating Columbia during her final collegiate race at the Ivy League Championships.

Fiddler without the Roof: Growing up in a musical family, Emily plays the violin. She has performed everywhere from Pickin’ and Fiddlin’ festivals to Carnegie Hall.

Campy as They Come: As a kid and teen, Emily attended the oldest girl’s camp in the nation, which has no electricity, enforces a strict khakis and greens dress code and passes down some of the wackiest traditions you can imagine.