About Brianna Vetrano


Brianna joined DCI full time in September 2016, using her marketing background implement digital strategies for a variety of clients as well as DCI’s thought leadership. She graduated with a BS in marketing from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2014.

Brianna’s Passion for Places

Guided by a passion for places and a love of marketing, Brianna has long known that place marketing was the career she wanted to pursue.

Entranced by the architecture, the energy and the melting pot of cultures of NYC, she credits her frequent trips to the Big Apple with her grandmother as the catalyst that sparked her life-long love affair with places and cultures. Since then, her incurable wanderlust has taken her backpacking through Europe, tubing through Mayan caves in Belize, and wandering the alleyways of Central Mexico. Whether in a foreign country, the mountains, or a just a different part of town, exploring new places is her favorite thing to do.

Notable Results

  • Created, managed and optimized digital advertising campaigns for a variety clients such as the Netherlands, Colorado Springs and Texas.
  • Wrote content for economic development websites for clients such as Work at Your Peak Denver and Columbus 2020.
  • Conducted in-depth website, SEO and social media audits for various clients including Birmingham and Sioux Falls.















Brianna Vetrano at play

Up Close

An optimist, adventurer, and self-proclaimed travel geek, Brianna is constantly exploring places or marketing them. When she’s not, she’s likely reading travel memoirs, watching documentaries or researching which location to cross off her bucket list next.

Helping places brand themselves and tell their stories has allowed Brianna’s passion to become her purpose, and she still can’t believe she’s lucky enough to spend every day doing her dream job.

Where You’ll Find Brianna on a Weekend

As a transplant to Colorado, Brianna still has a thousand places to see and mountains to climb. During one of Denver’s beautiful 300 days of sunshine, she can be found hiking, exploring new towns or attending one of the city’s abundant culture festivals.

If she’s not out and about enjoying her wonderful new city, she’s appealing to her introvert nature, staying tucked away in her apartment watching sitcom marathons, cooking and competitively playing board games.

Places Brianna Has Called Home

Denver, Colorado

Orlando, Florida

Richmond, Virginia

Staunton, Virginia

Fun Facts about Brianna:

For the Love of Culture: A lover and learner of cultures, Brianna is always trying to learn about new places and customs. She and her boyfriend have monthly culture nights, where they draw a random country from a box, then spend the day making traditional food, playing games, listening to music and watching movies from that country. Particularly drawn towards Spanish culture, she has an affinity for Latin music, food, dancing, culture, and of course, the melodic Spanish language. She is working toward Spanish fluency and hopes to take a backpacking trip around the world at some point in her lifetime.

Working for the Mouse: In 2013, Brianna did a four-month internship at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida as a resort concierge. During that time, she explored the parks for free (and frequently!), walked the underground series of tunnels beneath the Magic Kingdom, and even had the opportunity to trick-or-treat around Disney World dressed up as Anastasia. Aside from the perks, interacting with guests from all over the world was one of the best parts of the job.

The Mountains Are Calling: Growing up in a small valley in Virginia, surrounded on all sides by the Blue Ridge Mountains, Brianna has always had a special place in her heart for the mountains. Drawn to Denver by the stunningly beautiful Rocky Mountains, she loves to hike and camp any chance she gets. She’ll take the mountains over the ocean any day!