Since joining DCI in 2015, Ally has played a key role in developing and executing successful integrated marketing programs for various clients, including Visit California and Tahiti Tourisme. Her strong relationships with Canadian media and industry members allow her to connect great marketing ideas with the people best suited to tell the story.

Ally garnered a firm foundation in PR by earning her degree with honors from Durham College.

Ally’s Passion for Places

As a native of Western Canada, Ally moved to Ontario with her family when she was young, but had the opportunity to travel back and visit relatives often. Through regular visits to Banff and Kananaskis, Alberta, Ally began to develop her passion for places, most notably the mountains. Looking to explore other areas of the world, Ally travelled to England where she worked as an Aupair for a year and then to Costa Rica where she spent three months learning Spanish and volunteering in an orphanage. The opportunity to see how others live and what makes them happy is Ally’s favourite part about travelling and exploring new cultures. Her ultimate bucket-list destination is Africa, which she hopes to visit in the near future.

Notable Results

  • Ally played a key role in the planning and execution of “Kevin Climbs Canada,” which featured the professional rock climber scaling Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum Crystal peaks. The event, orchestrated for Visit California, resulted in broadcast, print and online coverage that garnered 4.5 million consumer impressions across Canada and 8.2 million social media impressions, showcasing Visit California’s “Dream Big” messaging.
  • For Tahiti Tourisme, Ally secured top-tier coverage with such outlets as Canadian Traveller, Journal de Quebec, Travel Life and Toronto Star, resulting in 46.2 million impressions in one year.
  • For Visit California, Ally successfully executed a cross-Canada media roadshow, hitting three cities with eight events in just four days, connecting 13 California partners with 110 media.
Ally Carlson at play

Up Close

Ally grew up just outside Toronto with her parents, older brother and twin sister. From a young age she was always very independent and took every opportunity she could to travel, meet new people and try new things. She is well-known by her friends for three things: going to bed early, being a huge Toronto Blue Jays fan and never saying no to popcorn.

Where you would find Ally on a sunny day:

On a sunny (and warm) day Ally can be found on the water with her dragonboat team, on the ball field with one of her two softball teams, or sitting on the patio at a local restaurant with friends. To simplify, if it is sunny, she’s guaranteed to be outside enjoying the weather.

Places Ally has called home:

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Whitby, Ontario

Edmonton, Alberta

Billericay, Essex, UK

Toronto, Ontario

Surprising facts about Ally:

Human GPS! Ally has always used her seemingly built-in sense of direction and “old-school” paper maps to get her places and refuses to use a GPS. Her theory is, if you’re heading in the right direction, you’ll get there eventually.

Seeing Double Ally has a twin sister who lives on the other side of Canada in Edmonton. While they don’t see each other often, they frequently discover they’ve had the same dream, got the same song stuck in their head or bought the same article of clothing. Twin power is real!

Baseball Fanatic Ally grew up playing softball in a competitive league and continues to play in two co-ed recreational leagues. She is also a huge Toronto Blue Jays fan and could talk for hours about the players, trades, and the team’s hope for a championship! She got even more involved with the team in 2013 as a member of the Jays Care Foundation Young Professionals Committee, where she works with other Young Professionals to raise money to get youth involved in sport.