About Pamela Pereira


Pam joined DCI from the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) South Central Ontario, where she was responsible for planning group tours to destinations including the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Portugal and Tahiti. Pam also teaches a course on travel and tourism at Seneca College, where she helps to inspire the next generation of tourism professionals.

Pam holds a diploma in travel and tourism from Humber College and is TICO (Travel Industry Counsel of Ontario) certified in the Province of Ontario.

Pam’s Passion for Places

A trip to Disney World at the age of 8 changed Pam’s life forever. Since then, she has traveled to more than 30 countries for business and pleasure. She has traveled extensively throughout Canada and the U.S., recently taking the cross-Canada train from Toronto, Ontario, to Jasper, Alberta.

Notable Results

  • Pam has led more than 20 group tours around the globe to several European countries, Mongolia, Morocco and Turkey, as well as destinations in Canada and the U.S.
  • For CAA South Central Ontario, Pam led the development of the company’s Solo Explorations program. She also created new programs to The Azores in Portugal, Dubai and Jordan.
  • Throughout her career, Pam has planned and operated more than 150 group departures for companies such as CAA South Central Ontario, ElderTreks and Tourcan Vacations.
Pamela Pereira at play

Up Close

A fitness fanatic, Pam is a certified Kettlebell trainer as well as a certified Kangoo Jumps instructor. She also takes part in some 200 spin classes a year. In a previous life, she was a Southern Ontario Masters five-pin bowling champion and represented the province in 2015. She has also competed in duck pin tournaments in Maryland and Rhode Island. A fan of the Toronto Blue Jays, Pam is at her happiest when the Jays beat the Yankees.

Where You’ll Find Pam on the Weekend

On most weekends, you’ll find Pam walking through farmers markets and enjoying the fresh air. She is also notorious for jumping in the car and going on random road trips to explore someplace new.

Places Pam Has Called Home

Toronto, Ontario

Etobicoke, Ontario

Woodbridge, Ontario

Bradford, Ontario

Surprising Facts About Pam

Kilimanjaro Dreamin’: It all started when she hiked the 33-mile Milford Track in New Zealand. After conquering the trail, she thought, “Bring on something more challenging!” She set her sights on hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and continues to train to accomplish that goal.

Sweet Tooth Extraordinaire: A former pastry chef, Pam has taken many baking classes over the years and has traveled all over the world to savor a variety of delectable treats.

U2 Groupie: Pam has been to every U2 concert in Toronto since 1995 and plans her time off to ensure she can see them every time they come to town.