Site selectors and corporate executives constantly emphasize the importance of a skilled and available workforce in expansion and relocation decisions. That’s why cities, states and regions must actively market themselves to attract and retain talent.

What puts your location on the shortlist? Workforce. People want to live in a location with quality job opportunities and a quality of place—which is why DCI’s combined expertise in economic development and tourism has allowed us to promote our clients as great places to live, work and play. Here are some of the marketing tactics we use to spotlight the unique lifestyle offerings and job opportunities found in our client regions:

Lifestyle Public Relations

Through a lifestyle-focused media relations program for talent attraction, we bring together the best of DCI’s two practice areas—economic development and tourism. We know how to identify and tell your region’s most powerful lifestyle stories to inspire talent to learn more about your community. DCI has worked with destinations including Cincinnati, Houston, Sioux Falls, and North Carolina’s Research Triangle, among others, to highlight their quality of place offerings through media relations programs. You can view a case study of the lifestyle public relations work we did for Source Cincinnati here.


Talent Attraction Microsites

People don’t make dinner reservations, let alone new job and relocation decisions without first looking online, which is why a talent attraction microsite is imperative. A talent attraction microsite allows potential talent to find all the resources they need to learn about your region’s job opportunities, amenities, relocation resources and more in one singular digital space. We build websites that are not only beautiful but functional—and we craft content that brings our client locations to life. DCI has worked with numerous communities to design, build and launch websites that are targeted to potential talent. These sites showcase job openings, lifestyle amenities, and testimonials of professionals currently working and living in that particular community. An example of a talent attraction microsite, for Colorado’s financial services industry, can be viewed here.


Talent Attraction Marketing Blueprint

Not sure where to start to attract and retain talent in your region? DCI has designed dozens of strategic marketing plans for economic development organizations that are rooted in research to determine factors such as in-migration and out-migration workforce trends, workforce skill needs and gaps, internal and external workforce perceptions of your location, and more. Using research as our foundation, our marketing team will then recommend tailor-made marketing strategies that attract talent, such as branded events in target markets, lifestyle media press trips, or social media influencer and ambassador programs, to name a few potential tactics.


Want to learn more? Connect with Rebecca Gehman, DCI’s Director of Talent Attraction to see how DCI can help bring your region’s talent attraction and retention marketing to the next level.

For Talent Attraction Inquiries
Contact Rebecca Gehman
Director of Talent Attraction
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“DCI provided the much-needed expertise in talent attraction marketing to help us establish a new microsite, ‘Work at Your Peak in CO’. Compelling imagery and cutting-edge features have helped to position this new brand nationally, attracting new workers to this thriving industry.”

Janet Fritz, Senior Director, Marketing & Technology
Metro Denver EDC