DCI’s lead generation strategy is two-fold: your website should act as the hub of all sales & marketing activity, and tracking your prospects' engagement will allow you to see who is “raising their hands” with interest in your community. The result? Preserved brand equity and increased efficiency working with leads that matter.

DCI brings more than five decades of economic development experience, giving us the deepest understanding of your target audience and the overall site selection process in the industry. That insight drives how we look at lead generation—it should be about generating leads in the most efficient, results-driven way; not fitting within a predetermined cookie-cutter approach. Each of our services is listed below, which can be executed a la carte or as an integrated program (recommended).

Website Development and Optimization

For those completely revamping their digital presence, we recommend starting with our best-in-class websites for EDOs and IPAs. More detail is available on our Website Services page. For those who may have recently completed a website redesign, fear not. We will evaluate your current web presence and make suggestions to optimize it for content marketing, landing pages and conversion tracking.



Our Web-to-Leads software offers a peek behind the curtain, revealing companies—both existing industry and new business prospects—that are actively seeking information online about your community for their next project and otherwise would remain invisible to your organization. Read more about Web-to-Leads.


Conversion-Based Advertising

We go beyond basic click-through rates (CTRs) to generate ads and landing pages that convert to meaningful actions on your website. Our combo of journalism-groomed staff, extensive PR experience and digital acumen translates to more effective messaging and storytelling that boosts your audience engagement.


Targeted Prospect Marketing

An outgrowth of traditional lead generation, this program involves customizing a “most wanted” list of prospects by industry, designing a series of coordinated marketing plays aimed at hyper-targeting key executives within those firms, and building influence across the entire executive team. The end result—a long-term, but effective way of converting high-priority prospects into strategic business recruitment leads.


Lead Qualification

In the digital age we live in, there’s still plenty of room for one-on-one personalized contact. Our team is fully trained to make lead qualification calls, but with one stipulation: Those calls are made as a direct result of the above programs. We’ve replaced traditional prospect lists with digital forensics that clue us in to companies that are both expanding and interested in your location.


For Lead Generation Inquiries
Steve Duncan, Director, Lead Generation
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“DCI has helped us to develop highly effective and customized strategies not only to reach more customers, but also to target our efforts in a precise and cost-efficient manner as we continue our efforts to serve the Garden State business community.”

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