A Kick in the Ads

A Webinar Mini-Series to Raise Your Paid Media Game

Join us for this four-part, weekly webinar series to elevate your paid media performance. DCI Vice President of Paid Media & Lead Generation, Steve Duncan, addresses topics such as audience targeting, content strategy, website alignment and digital metrics that are specific to economic development and investment promotion agencies, and all of their various nuances. Topics relevant to both business attraction and talent attraction are covered. 

Ten Tricks for Targeting Technique

We explore various targeting techniques and the best ways to apply them. For example, do you currently retarget website visitors? Consider that upwards of 95% of your website visitors might not even be worth retargeting, which is a huge waste of ad spend. We dive into solutions for this and much more.

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Creating Content That Captivates

We detail a content strategy on which you can base your entire digital advertising approach (not to mention the rest of your marketing efforts). Sick and tired of everyone and everywhere in place marketing sounding the same? After this session, you’ll be equipped to end that and tell your own story.

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Websites That Work for What You Want

We help you align your website and paid strategies so they work together. If either one is out of whack, it risks ruining your entire campaign. We recommend a simple approach to start with, and provide tips for executing successfully.

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Metrics That Matter

We help you set a benchmark for measuring the success of your paid campaigns, which will have applicability to other digital marketing efforts as well. Measurement for economic development marketers is extremely difficult with long, irregular lead cycles. 

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If you have questions about any or all of these, or about digital advertising in general, please contact Steve Duncan at [email protected].

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