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Capturing more U.S. market share for Switzerland

Switzerland sought to increase its share of its target audience, American visitors. Our destination marketing team created a digital marketing campaign that convinced Americans to include Switzerland as a top travel destination for their European getaway.

The Challenge

As the U.S. emerged from the pandemic and lockdown, Europe visitation began to boom. Switzerland sought to capture a larger share of U.S. visitors to Europe and needed a digital marketing strategy that allowed the nation to punch above its weight when it came to travel ad spend.

The Solution

Our team used their tourism industry expertise and created a travel marketing campaign that utilized short video ads on YouTube, paid advertising on social media and a display advertising strategy to draw the attention of U.S. travelers. The ad campaign’s combination of video content and interactive elements was designed to drive prospective U.S. travelers to the MySwitzerland website and increase meaningful engagement with website content.

The Results

  • 28.14% View Rate

    Surpassed the 20% target view rate.

  • 6.4% Click-Through Rate

    Generated by DCI’s digital advertising strategy.

  • 0.65% Click-Through Rate

    Generated by DCI’s tourism marketing campaign.

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