Case Study

Travel Public Relations Campaign Leverages NBA Finals



For the first time in franchise history, the Toronto Raptors’ made the NBA Finals, thrilling Canadians and sparking a flurry of marketing opportunities in Canada.




DCI initiated three destination marketing campaigns leveraging the Toronto Raptors’ historic appearance in the NBA Finals to draw attention to three travel destinations – Barbados, California, and Rockford.


  • Travel public relations efforts scored 700 million + media impressions
  • Barbados became the first destination to tap into the Raptors’ “Keep Kawhi Leonard” retainment efforts, by offfering him a trip to Barbados for re-signing with the team, a trip that he eventually made on his own, generating media coverage
  • California connected with Raptor’s fans through digital marketing that congratulated the Raptors on achieving their NBA Finals dream and encouraged travelers to pursue their dream vacation in California
  • Rockford, Illinois, viewing parties for Raptors’ hometown hero Fred VanVleet drew 3,500 locals, garnered media coverage and boosted local pride
700M impressions
3% Increase in Arrivals to California
2.3% Increase in Arrivals to Barbados

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