Case Study

U.S. Travel Digital Marketing Strategy Drives Sales



U.S. Travel Association sought to generate digital chatter that would drive consumers to the annual Daily Getaways online flash sale promotion, thus increasing sales.


In an effort to differentiate the Daily Getaway’s campaign from all the other price-point promotions in the market, DCI launched a digital engagement strategy that harnessed the power of Twitter influencers to promote the flash sale.

DCI’s digital marketing efforts to promote US Travel’s Daily Getaways campaign directly resulted in $20,000 in sales.” Laura Holmberg, Senior Director, Program and Marketing Services, U.S. Travel


  • Developed and tweeted 42 tweets per week; increasing followers by 7% to 1,531.
  • Increased engagement of @ replies by 200% and re-tweets by 180% (year over year).
  • After targeted outreach to strategic Tweeters, mentions increased by 126%, re-tweets increased by 436% and favorites increased by 130%.
  • Garnered 726,927 overall social media impressions worth $185,934.
  • Social media drove 8,805 visits to
  • The supporting media relations campaign garnered more than 45 million media impressions.
46M impressions

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