Case Study

Tourism Marketing Research Defines PromPerú Offer for Americans



PromPerú sought to reposition itself in the U.S. market, determining the most strategic target market for its tourism experience, proper brand positioning and effective motivational tactics to grow market share.


DCI launched a perception study to analyze Peru’s target audiences and their perceptions of Peru, a positioning study to evaluate Peru’s market position, a marketing study of seven competitors and a distribution study to identify targets for sales growth.

“DCI’s positioning research helped define Peru’s U.S. market strategy.” Elisabeth Hakim, US Market Manager, PROMPERÚ


  • PromPeru positioned itself effectively against its competitive set by honing in on its consumer audience, key selling propositions and developing key messaging that differentiated it in the marketplace from its competitive set.
  • The distribution study zeroed in on prime targets for new distribution and product expansion opportunities with current sellers of Peru, based on the new market positioning.
  • As a result, product distribution increased by 168%, with 563 new programs/itineraries added.
  • Visitor arrivals grew 6.5% year over year, leading to record-breaking arrivals from the U.S.
563 new tour operator programs
6.5% increase in visitor arrivals

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