Case Study

Tourism Marketing Promotion: Korea Captures Canadian Fans on Facebook



As the host to the 2018 Winter Olympics, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) sought to capitalize on Olympic hype to educate Canadians on why they should consider Korea for vacation.


DCI developed and promoted a photo-driven Facebook quiz series to run over six weeks on Korea’s Canadian Facebook page in order to capture new fans and generate new qualified leads for KTO’s e-newsletter list.

DCI's efforts resulted in an 18% increase in our distribution list, and reached 1.2 million Canadian consumers." Randy Snape, Marketing Manager, Korea Tourism Organization


  • Increased visibility and reach with promoted posts, each garnering 100-150 likes and 10+ comments or conversations.
  • Sweepstakes entries totaled 3,747, for an average week-over-week engagement rate of 17%. Week one of the sweepstakes garnered 817 participants alone.
  • Achieved Korea’s goal to increase Facebook engagement with an interactive quiz, while also teaching consumers about important Korean cultural elements and historic sights.
  • Korea’s e-newsletter distribution list increased by 18%.
1.2M People Reached
17% Engagement Rate

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