Watertown, Wisconsin Gets a Makeover Based on Research

Opportunity runs through it.

The City of Watertown


The Challenge

In order to brand itself as a great place to live and do business, the City of Watertown, Wisconsin first needed to discover what makes it distinct and appealing to its target audiences.


The DCI Strategy

As part of its brand discovery phase, DCI set out to take an intensive look at current perceptions of the community’s “product,” creating three separate perception surveys aimed at local residents, key stakeholders and target audiences living outside of the community.


The Results

  • DCI developed a stakeholder survey to assess perceptions of the region, key challenges and opportunities; an internal community survey to assess the perceptions of business owners and others living and working in Watertown; and an external survey to capture perceptions of target audiences living and working outside of Watertown.
  • Using the results of this research as a base, in conjunction with a detailed examination of all existing research, key interviews and an in-depth media audit, DCI proposed an authentic and distinctive brand, logo and tagline to effectively market the City of Watertown as a business destination.
  • DCI produced a branding and marketing blueprint with actionable items to achieve tangible results for the community and began preliminary implementation of those strategies.