Back on Dry Land: Telling Thailand’s Story of Recovery

DCI’s work was crucial in our efforts to communicate our recovery and enduring strength as a business destination.

Korbsiri Iamsuri, Director

Thailand Flood

The Challenge

In 2011, a violent tropical storm hit southern Thailand, causing more than $45 billion in economic damages. In the storm’s wake, Thailand needed to communicate its story of recovery.


The DCI Strategy

Following months of disaster relief, DCI stepped in to help the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) highlight Thailand’s recovery efforts and share potential opportunities for investment despite damage caused by the floods.



The Results

  • DCI developed detailed key messages and talking points for Thailand executives, issued a press release and arranged in-person interviews with top national media in New York.
  • In order to reassure potential U.S. investors, DCI interviewed U.S. companies operating in Thailand that were affected by the flood and developed recovery case studies for the BOI website.
  • DCI’s social and digital media team executed a LinkedIn campaign focused on sharing positive news articles and government initiatives based around Thailand’s economic recovery.