Uncovering Perceptions of Texas’ Business Climate

DCI’s research gave us the information we need to stay competitive in today’s economic development climate.

Tracye McDaniel, President & CEO, Texas Economic Development Corporation and TexasOne


The Challenge

Texas wanted to know how its target audience, corporate executives and location advisors, viewed the state’s business climate in order to identify its strength and areas for improvement.


The DCI Strategy

DCI set out to gain first-hand, unbiased insight on the existing perceptions of Texas’ business climate and economic development initiatives through a survey of corporate executives and location advisors.


The Results

  • DCI surveyed a total of 158 corporate executives and location advisors to gain insight on their views of Texas’ business climate.
  • The survey examined a variety of topics, including the state’s strengths and weaknesses as a business location, what the government and state economic development organizations could do to improve the site search and selection process, and the likelihood that respondents would consider Texas for a future project.
  • DCI presented the results of the research, “From the Outside Looking In: A Survey of Corporate Executives and Location Advisors on Their Perceptions of the Economic Development Climate in Texas,” to key stakeholders during a Research Roundtable session.


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