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Home to the maker of legendary TABASCO ® hot sauce, rapidly diversifying with cutting-edge manufacturing and technology companies, the nine-parish Acadiana region located midway between New Orleans and Houston was red hot for business. But, they had a perception problem.

While locals knew the region as “Acadiana,” the world recognized it as “Cajun Country,” both perceptions left external markets without a clear understanding on Acadiana’s location, let alone its strengths. Through perception research, DCI helped One Acadiana understand that Acadiana had no name recognition among its two primary target audiences – business executives and talent


DCI created a brand to promote the region, rather than the organization. Rooted in research, the “South Louisiana: Real Cajun” brand both established the region’s strategic location and took a modern twist on its cultural roots.

A detailed marketing blueprint included strategies to use the brand to build and change perceptions about South Louisiana with corporate executives, site selection consultants, and talent.

Thanks to DCI’s research, we discovered that the key to building our region’s name recognition was to lead with location first, all while capitalizing on what we’re known for— “Cajun Country.” The “South Louisiana: Real Cajun” brand is captivating and the marketing plan behind it gave us the strategy we needed to start aggressively showcasing our community to the right audiences. Anita Begnaud, VP, Governmental Affairs & Communications, One Acadiana


DCI’s research and development of the South Louisiana: Real Cajun brand identity provided One Acadiana with a variety of tools to begin sharing their story with potential talent and businesses.

Provided mockups of apparel and product branding are the tip of the iceberg in terms of where they can take their brand. The branding campaign earned One Acadiana the American Association Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE)’s Award of Excellence in 2018.

In a local article, one journalist shared his thoughts. “Here’s what’s in a name, South Louisiana business leaders may learn: new business and talent.

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