Case Study

One Columbus

Economic Development


One Columbus has been rated the top economic development organization in the country by site selection consultants and has turned the region it represents into one of the fastest growing communities in the U.S. by any measure—population growth, job growth and GDP growth. Even so, it was looking for a way to elevate its business development efforts and generate higher quality investment opportunities in strategic growth industries.


  • DCI piloted an Account-Based Marketing strategy for economic development, focusing on the recruitment of a narrow set of companies and marketing to their executives across the decision-making tree (HR, IT, Operations, etc.).
  • Using a multi-channel approach, we initiated frequent touchpoints with target prospects via digital advertising, email, direct mail and phone outreach.


  • The pilot program generated two confirmed investments from the first two years, in addition to nearly a dozen other lead opportunities.
  • The first investment was a 300-job expansion by Aetna, focusing mostly on customer service and clinical roles.
  • The second investment was a 200-job product development center by Bay Area-based Nexient, a project that lasted just five months from beginning to end.
2 Confirmed Investments in Two Years
500 Total Jobs Generated

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