NW Arkansas Sets Out to Be Known by Site Selectors

The DCI team has done an exceptional job of putting NW Arkansas top of mind with this critical audience.

Mike Harvey, Chief Operating Officer, Northwest Arkansas Council

NW Arkansas

The Challenge

Northwest Arkansas was a dynamic business region with relatively little recognition among national site selection consultants.


The DCI Strategy

DCI set out to establish direct contact between Northwest Arkansas’ key players and national site selectors, sending executives from the Northwest Arkansas Council to New York, Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago to meet with site selectors in those key markets. DCI also organized a number of familiarization tours, enabling site selectors to experience the region’s strengths firsthand through meetings with community leaders, businesses and stakeholders.


The Results

  • DCI created a long-term plan for success for Northwest Arkansas by acquainting national site selectors with the region’s strategic advantages through in-person meetings and regular updates on relocation and expansion news.
  • Through missions across the country, the Northwest Arkansas Council met with 50 site selectors in New York, Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago.
  • Twenty site selectors visited the region through dynamic familiarization tours that showcased the region’s assets as a business location.
  • DCI established an E-postcard campaign to deliver the latest business expansion and relocation announcements from the Northwest Arkansas region to more than 350 site selectors.