Launching the Dutch Digital Brand

DCI helped take our social-digital presence to a whole new level.

Dorien van Boven, Director of Public Relations, NFIA North America

Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency

The Challenge

With the rise of the Internet’s influence on people’s perceptions of a location, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) wanted to enhance and freshen its digital brand.


The DCI Strategy

Following a comprehensive audit of NFIA’s social and digital media presence, DCI set out to implement a strategic plan to take their digital brand to the next level.


The Results

  • DCI worked to mobilize a network of entrepreneurs, business executives and people passionate about the Netherlands to serve as ambassadors for the brand via their social networks, recruiting 250 “Dutch Digital Ambassadors.”
  • DCI augmented NFIA’s social media presence with a 122% increase in number of tweets, 135% increase in Twitter followers, 45% increase in LinkedIn Company followers and a 100% increase in engagement on the LinkedIn Company page from the previous year.
  • DCI helped to grow Executive Director of NFIA North America, Jan-Emile van Rossum’s digital thought leadership, regularly suggesting and crafting posts for Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • DCI launched the “Orange Blog” to enhance NFIA’s website and digital presence with engaging monthly content.
  • DCI implemented a robust digital advertising program, including Google AdWords and pay-per-click campaigns.