Building an E-Force: Launching Metro Denver’s Digital Ambassadors Campaign

The launch of the Metro Denver E-Force gave us an entirely new way to engage with our target audience and to promote Denver as a place for innovative people and companies.

Janet Fritz, Senior Director, Marketing and Technology

Metro Denver E-Force

The Challenge

With the rise of the Internet’s influence on people’s perceptions of a location, the Metro Denver EDC wanted to find a new way to engage with its target audience.


The DCI Strategy

In order to promote the region as the top place for innovative companies and people, DCI set out to mobilize a network of entrepreneurs, business executives and people passionate about Denver to serve as ambassadors for the brand via their social networks.


The Results

  • Together with the Metro Denver EDC and its advertising firm, DCI worked to create a brand for the ambassadors, dubbed the Metro Denver E-Force.
  • DCI helped launch the brand during the Metro Denver EDC’s Annual Luncheon, issuing a press release that was picked up by over 260 websites.
  • DCI recruited more than 130 Metro Denver E-Force agents charged with spreading the word about why Denver is a great place to live and work.
  • DCI developed more than 35 corresponding blog posts on the region’s economy, driving over 15,000 unique visitors back to the Metro Denver EDC website.