Understanding Perceptions of the Greater Williamsburg Region

If you want different results, you have to do different things.

Carl Lum, President, Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance Board of Directors


The Challenge

Visit Williamsburg sought to attract a new generation of visitors, which required targeting media influencers and changing their perceptions of the destination.


The DCI Strategy

In order to inspire media to create content about the Greater Williamsburg region, DCI conducted a media perception study to better understand what was known about the region and its new developments.


The Results

  • Conducted a survey of print, broadcast and digital media to determine perceptions of Greater Williamsburg and its tourism experiences.
  • Analyzed findings to provide Greater Williamsburg’s marketing committee with insights into the perceptions of media – based on whether the individual respondent had visited the region recently.
  • Determined the key words currently associated with the destination and those key messages which had not yet penetrated the marketplace.
  • Revised the destination’s communications strategy to drive perception change, reminding consumers through media that Williamsburg is more than “just history.”
  • Visitor expenditures hit $1.1 billion in 2013, supporting 11,227 jobs in the Greater Williamsburg area.