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Fayette County

Economic Development


Less than 30 minutes from downtown Atlanta and even closer to the world’s busiest airport, Fayette County wanted to distinguish itself as the suburb where Pinewood Studios (aka the Hollywood of the South), Zac Brown Enterprises and multiple international manufacturers were making headlines.

On behalf of the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce, DCI created a brand and marketing blueprint to inspire investment and relocation to the “hidden gem” of the Atlanta region.


DCI developed the “Create Your Story” logo to capitalize the county’s rich history of storytelling and bridge to the future community of makers.

A marketing strategy laid out “chapter and verse” – to continue the analogy – exactly what community partners should do to activate the brand, including tactics to “co-brand” with city, economic development, tourism, employer, and developer representatives.

The “Create Your Story” brand that DCI developed reflects both our roots in storytelling and our ambitions to attract top companies and talent to choose Fayette County, Georgia for their next chapter. Not to mention, the brand is already being embraced and adopted by our local community partners. Carlotta Ungaro, President & CEO, Fayette Chamber of Commerce


After countless hours of design and feedback, DCI came up with a visual brand that will represent Fayette County for years to come, along with a marketing blueprint for recommendations in best practices.

Applicable in a wide variety of ways, the Fayette Chamber of Commerce was elated with the versatility of their new logo and blueprint. Local partners within the county have already begun to adopt own versions of the “Create Your Story” brand.

In a local article, community members expressed their positive feedback.

“We are thrilled with the new logo and tagline, however the greatest value of DCI’s work lies in the marketing blueprint,” said Kim Schnoes, 2017 chair of the Fayette Chamber of Commerce. “The three-year plan focuses on leveraging multiple media and marketing platforms to tell Fayette County’s stories, as well as showcasing what our community offers to businesses, residents and potential new talent.”

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