Direct-to-Consumers with a “Taste of Tasmania”

“DCI’s direct-to-consumer events increased Tasmania’s brand reputation in the culinary space, helping it to become Australia’s farm-to-table retreat.”

Felicia Mariani, Former CEO, Tourism Tasmania


The Challenge

Increase the profile of Tasmania as Australia’s culinary retreat in order to drive visitor arrivals from the United States.


The DCI Strategy

Drive consumer sampling of Tasmania’s culinary offerings and increase demand for Tasmania’s culinary tourism experiences by creating an interactive “taste of Tasmania” for consumers, showcasing Australian chefs creating dishes with Tasmanian products.


The Results

  • Structured a strategic partnership with Macy’s which featured in-store cooking demonstrations in New York and San Francisco highlighting Australian chefs that utilized Tasmanian produce.
  • Promotional efforts reached more than 3 million targeted consumers, with media relation efforts generating an additional 12 million media impressions.
  • Three tour operators added Tasmania’s culinary tour offerings to their portfolio, generating an additional 200 PAX within two years.