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Digital Influencer Marketing: California Captured on Social Media



Visit California sought to dispel misinformation among consumers that Yosemite National Park was overcome by wildfires and disease, and reintroduce travelers to the concept of a California wilderness vacation. On average, Yosemite National Park sees 3.8 million visitors annually; approximately 55% of those visitors arrive between June and September, making summer a critical time to retain visitors to the park for the local economy.


DCI forged a partnership with Nokia and Colby Brown (a well-known photographer with 250,000+ social media followers) to showcase real-time imagery of Yosemite, which was celebrating its 150th anniversary.

Our goal was to remind travelers that the beauty and grandeur of Yosemite was not tarnished by last year’s wildfires. Thanks to this strategic partnership, spearheaded by DCI, these incredible images left no doubt that the park remains a spectacular icon of California! Jennifer Sweeney, Former Public Relations Manager, Visit California


  • In partnership with Nokia, Colby Brown led a group of 15 social influencers to Yosemite. These influencers generated 550+ posts about Yosemite and generated over 30 million social media impressions over a three-day period.
  • A single-day Instagram takeover of Visit California’s account yielded an additional 2.3 million impressions.
  • The effort led to a strategic partnership between Visit California and Microsoft (which recently purchased Nokia’s devices division) focusing around “Girls in Tech” and the content-rich experiences in Southern California.

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