Extreme Makeover: Demolishing El Paso’s Bad Rap

Thanks to DCI, El Paso received over 100 broadcast placements, a print feature story in The Wall Street Journal and a chance to redefine itself on a national scale.

Joyce Wilson, City Manager

El Paso Media Results

The Challenge

Border town to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico—known for violence surrounding the crackdown on drug cartels in 2008—El Paso, Texas fought an ongoing battle against national misperceptions about its safety.


The DCI Strategy

Charged with promoting El Paso’s “extreme makeover” initiative on a national level, DCI executed an aggressive media relations campaign in order to provide a platform for the city’s local leaders to tell the true El Paso story.


The Results

  • DCI leveraged the demolition of the El Paso City Hall to secure more than 100 broadcast placements, including CBS This Morning, NBC’s Early Today and Fox News.
  • DCI conducted a New York and Washington media mission for City Manager Joyce Wilson to tell El Paso’s story via meetings with top-tier national media, including Bloomberg Businessweek, Reuters, CNN Money, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.
  • DCI implemented a “Digital Ambassadors” program, recruiting over 1,500 socially-savvy individuals to share positive news about the city via social networks.
  • Forbes.com highlighted El Paso as one of the “Top 15 U.S. Cities’ Emerging Downtowns.”