Branding Carrollton, TX as a Transit Hotspot

Carrollton’s new brand has helped elevate the city’s profile in the eyes of decision makers, investors, young professionals and the media –exactly what we set out to do with this campaign.

Peter Braster, Senior Development Manager, City of Carrollton


The Challenge

Following major infrastructure development, historic downtown Carrollton, TX needed a business-oriented city brand and strategic marketing plan to get the attention of world-class developers and new residents.


The DCI Strategy

DCI developed a results-oriented branding and marketing strategy to help city leaders establish Carrollton as a model for sustainable transit-oriented development (TOD) growth, and showcase the city as a “hot spot,” where people of all ages and backgrounds want to live.


The Results

  • Based on an extensive marketing blueprint, DCI placed stories about Carrollton in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and NBC Nightly News.
  • DCI developed a new economic development-oriented brand that effectively conveyed the city’s vision for its future, including the tagline, “Where Connections Happen.” DCI also created three logos for each of the community’s three new light rail stations, which are all in use today.
  • Carrollton’s TOD manager became recognized as a leader in his field, speaking at several prestigious urban-planning conferences attended by developers—a key target audience.