Case Study

Barbados Year of Sports Canada Campaign



Situated among some of the world’s top beach destinations, Barbados sought to differentiate itself by shining a spotlight on its sports tourism offerings.


DCI leveraged Barbados’ “Year of Sports” to implement a timely sports tourism focused earned media campaign, which included sports-themed media events, press trip itineraries and story angles, and digital influencer partnerships to drive buzz.

DCI’s commitment to marketing Barbados’ sporting product has been nothing less than exceptional. The strategic thinking and execution of the 2017-18 campaign is beyond anything BTMI could imagine in Canada. We are proud to be represented by the DCI team. Peter Mayers, Director of Canada, BTMI


  • Generated 3.3 million earned media impressions through signature placements with CTV Morning News, Travel Courier and WestJet Magazine.
  • Secured 523K social media impressions through strategic digital influencer partnerships.
  • This campaign contributed to nearly a 5 percent increase in arrivals to Barbados.
3.3M Media Impressions
523K Social Impressions
5% Increase in Visitation

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