Case Study

Tahiti: Canadian PR Strategy Creates Bucket list Destination



Canadians considered the Islands of Tahiti an “unattainable dream” destination, and visitor arrivals were on the decline.


DCI positioned the Islands of Tahiti on Canadians’ achievable-travel bucket list by increasing consumer awareness and trade distribution of Tahitian two- and three-star level guesthouse accommodations through an earned and paid media and travel trade strategy.

Merci (thank you) for all your hard work. We are proud of Tahiti Tourisme’s progress in Canada – with trade and public relations, The Islands of Tahiti is now a destination more accessible for Canadians than ever! Teanatea TETOE, Responsable Région Les Amériques - The Americas Regional Manager


  • Launched the Tahiti Specialist Program ( where more than 1,300 travel agents were trained to sell bookings at various budget levels.
  • Engaged 20 tour operators to expand their accommodation portfolios.
  • Secured more than 200 million consumer impressions, worth $195 million via editorial placements.
  • Increased bookings by 27% by unlocking first-time visits for nearly 3,000 Canadians.
200M Consumer Media Impressions
1,300 Travel Agents Trained
27% Increase in Bookings

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