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With the rise of the Internet and the ability to work from anywhere, Auckland, New Zealand needed to understand the talent attraction landscape in order to compete in the global battle to attract skilled workers.

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To help Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) shape and jump-start its talent attraction efforts, DCI conducted research on cutting-edge talent attraction programs in 13 destinations, including a European city, two Canadian cities, two states and eight U.S. regions – from Carlsbad to Nashville to Portland, Maine. As part of Phase II of the research, DCI looked specifically at three top global destinations for entrepreneurship and innovation, with a focus on the use of visas and marketing aimed at talent and entrepreneurs, to aid in the development of a program surrounding the launch of New Zealand’s Global Impact Visa (GIVs).

DCI’s excellent research has prompted valuable discussions internally regarding where we can and should focus our efforts under current resourcing and continues to inform the development of Auckland’s value proposition for skilled offshore migrants. Lisa Endersby, Principal Advisor, Skills and Employment


To aid in Auckland’s talent attraction efforts, DCI provided Detailed information on 13 dynamic talent attraction campaigns to serve as case studies on how Auckland can employ methods—from social media campaigns to events and international missions—to grow its base of talent. DCI created “Top 10 Tips in Talent Attraction,” with reference to the campaigns outlined in Phase I of the research, to summarize the elements that DCI found make up a truly successful talent attraction program. Research was conducted to determine the leading global destinations for entrepreneurship and innovation bases on an analysis of rankings and other research from credible third-party sources. Lastly, DCI provided detailed information on the three top global cities for entrepreneurship and innovation, with a focus on visa programs, funding/incentives, marketing aimed at talent and entrepreneurs and overall attractiveness from a business and quality of life standpoint.

2 phases of research on talent attraction best practices
3 top global destinations for entrepreneurship and innovation
13 cutting-edge talent attraction campaigns

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