A View from The Lower 48: Executives’ Perceptions of Canada’s Business Climate

canada business survey

As Canada looks to effectively market its assets to a key business audience – corporate executives and site selection consultants located in the United States – it is important for the nation’s public leaders and economic developers to understand how corporate America currently views the country, its provinces and major metropolitan areas.

How do C-level executives and site selection consultants perceive Canada as a business location? What can the country’s major metropolitan regions and provinces do to promote their business advantages directly to this influential audience of decision makers? This survey set out to find answers to these questions, uncovering perceptions of the country’s business environment by the C-suite and site selection community in the United States.

We encourage you to download the survey to learn more including where Canada falls into the overall site selection process, how Canada compares to the United States when it comes to site selection, the most useful marketing tactics, and of course the provinces and cities they perceive to have the best business climates.