As an agency we are committed to making changes, to listening, and to learning. Using our five core values as our guidepost, we will create a DCI Pledge to never stop learning about racism, social injustice, and any other challenges that come our way, to keep our promise to build a more inclusive culture at DCI and to help our clients build more equitable communities. We have always been an agency who works with purpose, but the Black Lives Matter movement and events of summer 2020 have stressed the progress that we still need to make.

Our DCI team knows that we have a responsibility to look hard at what changes we can make to ensure we are not being complacent with respect to the underrepresented colleagues, clients, and the communities we represent. DCI is committed to taking action internally with the hope that externally we can make a longer-term difference. We are committed to speaking out. We are committed to taking bold and deliberate steps to build more equitable communities. We are committed to doing better as an agency.

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