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Upstate SC

Building A Modern Brand for a Booming Region

Upstate South Carolina has it all—southern charm, great jobs and affordable amenities. When the region wanted to build name recognition and attract outside talent to the region (and its job openings), DCI rebranded the region, focusing on its upstate location and the upward momentum the region was experiencing.

The Opportunity:

Smack dab in the middle of the booming Charlotte-Atlanta corridor is a region bursting with authentic Southern charm, affordable amenities and good-paying jobs: Upstate South Carolina. The fast-growing 10-county region wanted to attract talent from outside the region to showcase the region’s lifestyle amenities and, most importantly, its job openings.


DCI’s Approach:

In partnership with the Upstate SC Alliance, DCI conducted more than 90 in-person interviews, nine focus groups, and brainstormed 68 taglines to create a brand that amplifies a region that strikes a balance between vibrancy and livability, providing new, exciting attractions and lucrative job opportunities, while maintaining a competitive cost of living and a strong tie to its historic roots and small-town charm.


The Results:

Inspired by upward momentum and the region’s upstate location, DCI created the tagline, “Upstate SC: Move Up.” This strong call to action hosts a double meaning and allows for multiple uses – “Move to Upstate SC”, “Move Up in your career”, “Move Up in life.” With the new tagline in mind, DCI created a new logo that both symbolized upward movement and provided a modern take on South Carolina’s state flag and its crescent moon. Paired with a mobile-first, search engine optimized website –, DCI also developed marketing collateral and a paid media strategy.

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