Case Study

Fayette County

Helping a Region Create Its Own Story

Known as the Hollywood of the South, Fayette County, GA wanted to distinguish itself as a region that was so much more than an Atlanta suburb. Together with the Fayette County Development Authority, DCI created a new brand and marketing strategy that positioned the county as one where both businesses and talent could create their own stories.

The Opportunity:

Less than 30 minutes from downtown Atlanta and even closer to the world’s busiest airport, Fayette County, GA wanted to distinguish itself as the suburb where Pinewood Studios (aka the Hollywood of the South), Zac Brown Enterprises and multiple international manufacturers were making headlines and where investment and talent could create their own story.


DCI’s Approach:

To help Fayette County brand itself as a strategic location for business with prime access to talent and career opportunities, DCI embarked on a six-month journey to rebrand the county as a community of makers, movers and shakers. Leaning into our research expertise, DCI performed a 360-degree assessment of Fayette County’s offerings and conducted a series of perception surveys to collect insights from talent, site selection consultants and corporate executives.



Using this research, DCI developed the “Create Your Story” logo to capitalize the county’s rich history of storytelling and as a bridge to the future community of makers. The tagline also suggests that companies, entrepreneurs and millennials can create their own story – and a better company, a better profit and a better life – in Fayette County.  A marketing strategy and messaging campaign laid out “chapter and verse” – exactly what community partners could do to activate the brand.

Dariel Curren

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