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10 Best Winter Outdoor Content Creators for 2023

Snowbirds may be flying south, but many travelers are seeking the snow this winter. Connecting with top winter outdoor content creators is a key way to help spread the message that your destination is the place to hit the slopes and enjoy the gentle crunch of snow on a snowshoeing adventure.

Bundling up and getting outside is their speciality. Whether you want to attract adventure seekers to experience your black diamonds or family travelers to enjoy some ice skating before enjoying hot cocoa in a cozy cabin, they can help. These 10 digital influencers know what their fans want, and creating a relationship with them to showcase your wintery wonderland side is a valuable component to getting those travelers booking.


1. @angelaliggs

Angela is as comfortable in a cozy chalet as she is braving some snowy mountain trail. Invite her to your destination to have her explore its wintery side and you’ll tap into her more than 652k followers who are poised to see where she goes next, and potentially follow in her footsteps.


2. @bellabucchiotti

Whatever the season, Bella is outside experiencing it and sharing her stories. This Canadian is no stranger to the cold, so bring her to your destination to showcase why lower temperatures don’t hamper the fun. She’ll bundle up and get her followers dreaming about the snowfall in your destination.


3. @dannytrz

Misty lakes, jagged cliffs, snowy forests, icy forests – this winter and outdoor content creator can capture it all. Destinations looking to showcase a more romantic and artistic side of their destination will want to work with Danny. He has a background in wedding photography – believe it or not – so he brings a special touch to all of his work that sets it apart.



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4. @jess.wandering

Jess doesn’t stop traveling when temperatures drop. Her nearly 930k followers on Instagram watch to see where she goes next, always expecting the next great outdoor adventure. Bring her to some snowy chalet or cozy cabin and she’ll work wonders for your destination’s winter season with her personal, but altogether gorgeous content.


5. @juliiathompson

Julia is all about the outdoors and never shies away from a snowy peak. Add this Canadian to your roster of winter outdoor content creators to take your destination marketing to new heights – literally. If there’s a mountain or trail, she’ll hike it. Her half million Instagram followers are paying attention!



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6. @mahnahtravel

This L.A. based digital influencer reaches more than 110k followers on Instagram with her adventures in the great outdoors. You might spot her on a beach or under a palm tree, but she’s a big fan of the mountains, snowy peaks and daring hikes. Destinations with a solid set of adventures and thrills can’t go wrong with this partnership. 

Winter has come and outdoor enthusiasts still have plenty of time to book a getaway to your destination. Get in touch with Ashley Kotar at [email protected] to learn more about how DCI can refresh your digital influencer approach with a blast of fresh air from these top winter outdoor content creators.

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Ashley Kotar is a destination marketing and public relations practitioner who is an ambassador for the power of Millennial travel dollar.

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