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9 LGBTQ Content Creators to Pitch in the U.S.

With travelers constantly looking to social media for inspiration, it’s no time to second guess the value of content creators – particularly when it comes to LGBTQ travelers. While many destinations are becoming more and more progressive, others are still murky for this niche group of visitors. Influential content creators on Instagram, YouTube, and TIkTok are powerful allies for any destination that wants to make sure it’s viewed as favorably as possible by LGBTQ travelers. 

These 9 U.S. based LGBTQ content creators speak to the broader LGTBQ community as well as specific groups within it. Each one will help showcase how inclusive your destination is and to let travelers know it’s a safe and welcoming place for them, no matter whom they love.

1. @bbbuffaloe: Dads Dustin and Burton are raising twins in the American South – no small feat. Destinations in and around the U.S. who want to partner with outspoken and passionate content creators should check out their video content on YouTube and TikTok, reaching more than 300K subscribers, with another 173k followers on Instagram.


2. @broadwayhusbands: These two dads are proving that the show really does go on, even when you step off the stage. They are giving a new kind of performance, sharing their journey with their baby son while traveling around the U.S. as a family. Their audience of nearly 100k Instagram followers is here for it, and destinations looking to reach an LGBTQ families need look no further.



3. @courtneytheexplorer: Fans of plant-based diets and queer travelers alike flock to Courntney’s socials for travel inspiration. Her guides to travel in the U.S. and beyond are key ways to connect with LGBTQ travelers who look for more than just the gay or lesbian angle in a destination.


4. @itscameronhinkle: Cameron is more than just a real estate specialist in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This influencer promotes products and places that he believes in, reaching nearly 25k followers on his carefully curated, yet entirely personal Instagram account. 

He believes in increasing representation for travelers through his storytelling. “LGBTQ content creators are important because a lot of times we may not be sure that the city we are in is open and welcoming. Seeing LGBTQ creators on a city’s tourism instagram means a lot to us as a community,” he said.



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5. @nickandgrant: More than 100k people follow this Tampa-based couple is a solid choice for any destinations looking to attract LGBTQ travelers. They partner with lifestyle brands and places, bringing their romantic spin wherever they go.


6. @onairplanemode: Kirstine and Christine are traveling the world together in style. This couple specializes in immersive luxury trips around the world, wandering ancient ruins and hanging out on a Caribbean beach. Destinations who want to tap into their specific audience must know that these two are also looking for destinations that offer some sort of charitable, good-deed or educational component. 

“This could include what the destination is doing for environmental sustainability, what the destination is advocating for when it comes to LGBTQ+ people or under-represented communities, or when the destination includes an event that has a fundraiser or charitable component that gives back to local communities,” they said.


7. @raviroundtheworld: Ravi is based in the U.S. but has visited 36 countries and counting. Nominated for a 2022 American Influencer Award, he brings his unique style to social platforms, digging into the queer scenes and cultural offerings of each destination he visits. 



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8. @realmoderndads: Dads Doug and Brent are doing exactly what their handle says – they are keeping it real. With two sons in tow, they are navigating the challenges of parenthood while traveling around, keeping their Instagram entirely relatable to anyone who has ever traveled with a child. Their nearly 18k followers on Instagram alone are loving it, and the family is a great partner for any destination that wants to attract LGBTQ parents.


9. @sarahandcindy: With babies soon to be on board, Sarah and Cindy are still hitting the road while sharing their romance along the way. Based in North Carolina, this couple doesn’t shy away from showcasing their same-sex relationship, and nearly 50k followers on Instagram love to see it. They are great partners for any destination that wants to reaffirm itself with LGBTQ travelers.

Considering a push for more LGBTQ travelers in your destination? DCI has been connecting digital influencers and content creators with clients for more than 60 years. Get in touch with Ahsley Kotar at [email protected] to learn more about how our destination marketing agency can help you better connect with these LGBTQ content creators.

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