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Top 9 Travel Trade Writers to Pitch

Destinations want the travel trade – from tour operators to travel advisors – to keep them top of mind when booking for clients, but standing out is a constant challenge. When it comes to connecting with the travel trade, knowing who to connect with is paramount to overcoming that very challenge.

With a number of reputable travel trade publications out there, we sifted through our top picks to highlight the writers and journalists who have the travel trade’s ear. Get to know them, craft those pitches, and prepare to hear a lot more chatter from tour operators and travel agents in the near future.

1. Eric Bowman

Eric is an executive editor and podcaster at TravelPulse. The site is a leader in the industry, with more than a half million visitors each month. His column, Bowman’s Travel Brief, covers all sorts of industry news around the globe, making him an ideal way to land your destination in TravelPulse with pitches on what’s new and sellable in your community.   

2. Claudette Covey

Claudette also contributes to Travel Pulse while acting as the managing editor of AGENTatHOME. Her stories on what’s happening in the industry reach more than 18,000 travel agents who work from home, capturing the growing segment of home workers and entrepreneurs who are connecting travelers to destinations. 

3. Johanna Jainchill

Johanna contributes to Travel Weekly as the news editor, covering everything from accessibility to new cruise options and visa issues facing today’s travelers. Travel trade leaders look to Johanna and her publication to keep ahead of trends, and landing your destination’s newest developments can only help your trade education efforts.

4. Daniel McCarthy

Daniel is the editor-in-chief at Travel Market Report, a leading North American industry publication, where he covers all sorts of industry topics from hotels to airlines. Pitch him travel and business news related to experiences that you want travel advisors to know and let Travel Market Report deliver it right to them.

5. James Shillinglaw

James is an editor at Insider Travel Report where he covers industry news that the travel trade needs. Pitch him any new reports or trends out of your destination and always keep the news at the forefront. His site reaches agents and suppliers, helping to keep the entire industry up to date on what’s going on around the world.

6. Rich Thomaselli

Rich is an active freelancer at TravelPulse, among other publications, and keeps on top of what’s happening in flight and aviation news, along with sports and gaming topics. Pitch him any news items that involve local airports or flight paths to get your destination front and center on TravelPulse.

7. Matt Turner

Matt is an associate editor at Luxury Travel Advisor and a writer for Travel Agent Central, covering the news that matters to luxury travel advisors. Pitch him ideas for exclusive getaways or experiences in your destination that travel advisors will be able to sell to clients, in addition to any unique luxury properties or openings that you want to publicize.

8. Paloma Villaverde de Rico

Paloma is the editor-in-chief at Recommend magazine and its website, helping connect travel advisors and destinations for more than 40 years. From family travel to luxury, from honeymoons to cruises, Recommend covers it all and has a faithful readership cultivated over the past four decades, making Paloma a valuable travel trade writer to pitch.  

9. Emma Weissmann

Emma is a senior editor at TravelAge West, a publication that has been serving up quality information to travel advisors for nearly half a century. Emma puts out stories about the topics that matter to the travel trade, including reviews of destinations, new trends, and angles that start conversations among travel advisors – so pitch her to become one of those conversions!

Looking to get the travel trade press talking about your destination? DCI has more than 60 years of experience engaging all aspects of the travel industry, including travel advisors and tour operators. Get in touch with Amalia Meliti at [email protected] to connect better with the travel trade writers that will land you the coverage you want. 

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Amalia Meliti

Amalia has fifteen years of destination marketing experience, having worked in both the travel trade and earned media space for destinations throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. She currently directs DCI’s travel trade marketing efforts in both the U.S. and Canada.

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