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Robyn Domber Promoted to Senior Vice President, Research

Development Counsellor’s International (DCI) is elated to announce the promotion of Robyn Domber to Senior Vice President, Research.

Since Robyn started at DCI over a decade ago, she has led the research and delivery of several high-profile research reports such as The State of Site Selection, Winning Strategies, Talent Wars, Capturing the Canadian Consumer and many more. DCI’s research services have greatly evolved since Robyn joined the agency and our research team continues to grow and our position in the industry expands due to her efforts.

Because of her research expertise, Robyn often finds herself center stage as a thought leader, sharing her findings and working to answer those allusive questions that arise about place marketing. Just this year, Robyn has attended and spoken at approximately 10 conferences and events, from unveiling Talent Wars: What People Look for in Jobs and Locations at the Destinations International Conference to leading a panel at the Site Selectors Guild Fall Forum.

“While historic revenue growth, an expanding team, new services, and elevated research offerings are all wonderful contributions, some of Robyn’s greatest contributions to this agency have been her unquestionable approach to living out DCI’s values,” says Julie Curtin, President of Economic Development at DCI. “Her willingness to always lend a hand to others, her passion for places and her commitment to doing good work that helps others truly makes Robyn a special piece of what makes DCI work.”

Most recently, Robyn has played a pivotal role in launching and expanding DCI’s Talent Attraction service, generating research and developing new products to help build innovative databases, as well as long-lasting relationships with new partners. As a result of all of these contributions, Robyn was invited to serve on the board of C2ER (Council for Community and Economic Research), an incredible honor and opportunity.

We look forward to the continued leadership and research contributions from Robyn as she takes on this new role!

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Julie Curtin

Julie Curtin is President of DCI's Economic Development practice. Since joining DCI in 1994, Julie has overseen marketing strategy, design and implementation for dozens of communities around the globe. While servicing clients is her priority, she also spends untold hours thinking about how to make DCI a better place to work, learn and grow!

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