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Top 10 Black Travel Content Creators to Tell Your Destination’s Stories

Black travel content creators and writers are pivotal to continue the diversification of voices in the travel media. One recent nightmare trip by a Black influencer, according to Travel Noire, underscores the fact that destinations are still struggling to battle bias and discrimination among local industry workers.

This doesn’t mean Black travel content creators are any less likely to travel. Destinations must work closely with these influencers and writers to attract the ever growing segment of young Black travelers who are spending more and more on vacations, according to TravelPulse.

With a host of publications covering travel for Black audiences alongside social media influencers crisscrossing the world, there are numerous ways for destinations to connect with Black travelers. These ten Black travel content creators and journalists are just the start in helping your destination reach more diverse audiences.


1. Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon

Sarah is a freelancer who covers travel topics around the world for publications including Forbes and USA Today. With recent stories on European and Caribbean travel, she’s always looking for the next big destination to include in a feature story or round-up, so pitch what’s new and trendy in your destination to get on her radar.



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2. Kimberly Wilson

Kimberley is a contributing editor to Essence, a well-known publication speaking directly to Black women. She’s on the lookout for destination and travel business stories that will be of interest to her audience, so start pitching new initiatives or unexpected destinations for readers of Essence to keep her updated about your destination.


3. Heather Greenwood Davis

Heather is a contributing editor to National Geographic and a columnist at The Globe and Mail, reaching both U.S. and Canadian audiences. On top of that, she runs the successful blog, Globe Trotting Mama. She’ll be especially receptive to family travel pitches, but is by no means limited to that beat, so bring her any feature ideas your destination can provide.



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4. Natalie Preddie

Natalie is a freelancer based in Canada, writing for North American audiences in publications like The Toronto Star and The Washington Post. Social justice issues, civil rights stories, family travel, and couples trips are all on her radar. Whether it’s a deep dive into your destination’s history or something new and romantic opening this year, Preddie will likely be receptive to your pitches.


5. Jessica Poitevien

Jessica has bylines in Fodor’s and Travel+Leisure, making her a strategic freelancer to engage with for your pitching. She’s reported from Grenada to the Maldives covering experiential travel, resorts, hotels, and a host of other topics. Send her any pitches about new openings or even luxury experiences to get your destination at the top of her list.



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6. Brian McIntosh

Brian is a Canadian content creator working primarily on Instagram where he shares stories of his travels with more than 68,000 followers. From wellness retreats to safari getaways, McIntosh is doing it all, and his self-taught photography skills help make him shine as an influencer not to overlook for your destination marketing efforts.



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7. Alex Temblador

Alex is a freelance travel writer for publications including TravelPulse and Business Insider. Both Black and Latina, she brings a unique view to her travels whether she’s writing about outdoor experiences or destinations across the U.S. and Mexico. If you’re hoping to land your destination in any of the publications she writes for, it’s time to craft the perfect pitch. 


8. Alexander-Julian Gibbson

Alexander has written for GQ and Essence, but destinations may be even more interested to get in front of his 55,000+ followers on Instagram. His stylized account showcases destinations with his unique fashion and flair, giving you the opportunity to have some creative fun with this Black travel content creator. 


9. Dayvee Sutton

Dayvee has covered travel for CNN Travel, HuffPost, and NBC News. She’s an expert at on-air coverage, making this freelancer a solid choice for destinations looking for broadcast exposure. Her own company, Dream Network Media, is a powerhouse option for destinations seeking original video coverage.


10. Rosalind Cummings-Yeates

Rosalind contributes to BBC, MSN, and Time Magazine, among others. This Black travel content creator and journalism educator takes a critical look at destinations, uncovering stories about food, fashion, and culture. If you have any culinary or wellness topics, don’t hesitate to pitch them.

Looking to diversify your pitching efforts to reach wider audiences? At DCI, we have more than 60 years of destination marketing, helping clients reach all sorts of journalists and influencers, including Black travel content creators, in an authentic way. Get in touch with Laura Cyrille at [email protected] to learn more about connecting with the right media players for your destination’s marketing efforts.

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