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Why Photography and Video Matters Now More than Ever

As businesses rebound and employees continue to relocate, your online presence is more important than it ever was before. While your social media presence acts as the first digital touchpoint for most audiences, your website is your landing page to the world. It’s your virtual storefront, your calling card, and so much more. Including updated imagery through photography, short and long-form videos, and even infographics does a lot more for your presence – and your destination’s story – than you may give these visuals credit for.

5 Reasons to Update Your Online Presence

1. Visual Content Builds Trust

You’ve heard of first dates not going well because the person didn’t match the profile picture. Maybe you’ve even experienced this doozy of a date firsthand? Imagine a potential business, an employee looking to relocate their family, or even a couple looking for a weekend getaway losing interest in your destination because of dated – or worse – nonexistent photos or videos online of your town’s main street or that move-in ready space. Up-to-date photos and quickly loading, quality videos are the quickest way to connect and build trust with your audience.

2. Everyone ‘Speaks’ Photo

Perhaps your prospective client doesn’t have time to read a full article, or maybe speaks another language and like many organizations these days, finds themselves short staffed. Still photography and atmospheric video are the quickest and easiest ways to reach a busy, multi-lingual audience. Furthermore, information conveyed visually is more easily digested and retained – regardless of the language. Think of your engaging visuals as the hook you use to reel your audience into your website full of useful information.

3. Video Provides an Authentic Voice

After nearly two years of “unprecedented times”— most of which have been navigated from the safety of our homes, the world is craving connection in a meaningful way. With cities loosening restrictions and borders opening, video calls, recorded productions, and streaming events continue to connect those in different cities or countries as well as those unable or hesitant to attend “IRL.”

Additionally, with YouTube being the second largest search engine online, you’re multiplying your reach by housing your videos on YouTube, embedding them on your site, and sharing on your social. What better way to represent your community than by having a series of testimonials from small business owners, entrepreneurs, and even C-suite decision makers expanding their offices in your city or town. It’s authentic and it’s easy for you to amplify, thanks to the power of hosting and sharing videos online.

4. Visual Content Tells a More Engaging Story

Speaking of power, visual content harnesses the power of showing, not just telling. Portraits of your community members bring a pin on a map to life. Landscapes and cityscapes through photos or drone footage communicate exactly what your destination has to offer rather than leaving anything up to imagination. Furthermore, videos allow your audience to get a virtual taste of your location — building excitement over a potential move or visit. While written content will always be a necessary component of a website, there’s a reason TikTok was the most downloaded app in 2020 – and continues to hold this top spot in 2021. Video content drives more engagement and increases the amount of time spent on a website.

5. Photos and Videos Can Boost Conversions and Sales

More time spent on a website — thanks to engaging photography and video — leads to more conversions and sales. Prospective clients are more likely to reach out if a website features updated visuals that naturally correspond with consistent and complementary social media. Each photo, video and even infographic contributes to the authentic and trustworthy voice of your brand. If your website and social are doing their job, by the time you pick up the phone to answer your prospective client’s call, the sale has already taken place.

Curious how your website’s visuals are contributing to your online presence? Give your site’s visuals a quick audit by answering the following questions:

  • Have these photos and videos been taken within the last year or two?
  • Does the photography accurately represent the look and feel of my community?
  • Are photos of storefronts, signage, and companies current?
  • Are recent developments represented online?
  • Is the diversity of the community accurately reflected throughout our social presence and website?

Ready to elevate your website and social with refreshed photography and a new video series – or two? Get in touch to get a conversation started on how we can tell your story in an authentic, visual way.

Written By

Liz Groeschen

Liz Groeschen is DCI’s Senior Manager of Content and Social Media. Since joining DCI in 2019, Liz has strategized and overseen content for a diverse set of clients, including the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, Baton Rouge Film Collective, and Great Falls Development Authority.

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