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How Are Digital Influencers Faring in the Time of COVID-19?

It feels like influencer marketing has been the golden child of destination marketing for the last few years. But now, in just the last two months, as most industries, travel influencers are feeling the direct impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic. When your income depends on promoting travel, staying home comes at a cost.

While many influencers have lost work over the past few weeks, others are looking at ways to adapt to the new reality. DCI decided to find out what’s going on exactly. We conducted a survey of digital travel influencers whom we regularly work with to find out how their work has been affected.

Listen as Patience Fairbrother, host of The Project, chats with DCI’s Daniella Middleton, to uncover the key takeaways of the digital influencer research, and we share our interviews with food and lifestyle content creator, Jessica Hirsh of CheatDayEats and James Hills, blogger and founder of ManTripping.

Download your summary of the findings here: A View from Digital Influencers in the Era of COVID-19.

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Daniella Middleton

Daniella Middleton is a Senior Vice President in the Tourism Practice, leading strategy and directing digital marketing strategies, influencer marketing partnerships, and MICE / business events marketing and sales.

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