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COVID-19 is Rapidly Changing the Job Search Landscape. How Can You Help Your Community?

Our nation is facing an unprecedented rise in unemployment rates. Many are left without resources to cover basic living expenses and are forced to make difficult decisions in order to stay afloat. We are now seeing a vast change in search trends from talent seeking employment and online training.

According to Google Trends, in the past 90 days:

Searches for “Essential Jobs” increased by 3,400%

Searches for “Jobs hiring now” increased by 800%

Searches for “Work from home jobs hiring now” increased by 750%

Searches for “Online learning” increased by 450%

So, what can you do with this data?

The increase in these job-related search terms indicates a need for resources. Now, more than ever, communities need to offer guidance to their unemployed residents. Each community has different strengths and needs: your region may be rural and known for agriculture, or maybe it is urban and recognized for financial services.

Ultimately, you know your region’s strengths and needs the best, which is why you are the best resource for your residents.

At DCI, we are committed to helping our clients adapt to change and shift their focus in times of need. This commitment has driven us to reevaluate our resources and offerings to the residents, businesses, and corporate executives we support and love.

We have adapted a handful of our web applications and developed a new COVID-19 Jobs Resource Board specifically to help recently unemployed residents find jobs or training quickly.

Our COVID-19 Jobs Resource Board gives you a platform to speak to your community and let them know that you are here for them during this trying time. Our board allows you to share quick links to resources offered in your area, whether it be unemployment information, or information on local career centers. The COVID-19 Jobs Resource Board  allows you to showcase the major employers in your region with an urgent need for talent, provide job listings filtered by industries in need (delivery, warehouse and distribution, grocery, etc.), and highlight career advancement and online learning opportunities that could benefit the displaced workers in your region.

Our cutting-edge client, Northern Virginia, has already put this resource into action for their community. See it live here.

DCI has worked closely with communities all over the country for the past six decades, and we are excited to share this tool to help serve our clients. If you feel that this Job Resource Board could uplift your community, please contact me at [email protected].

We are in this together.

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