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Celebrating Economic Development Week 2020

As communities across the country celebrate Economic Development Week, DCI is reflecting on the role of economic developers and their focus on creating jobs, attracting investment, supporting innovation, and building sustainable communities.

Now more than ever, our team is proud to partner with EDOs to play a role in elevating the lives of people living, traveling and working in the places we serve. We applaud those working on the front lines of communities as we face this global crisis and prepare for what comes next. We are confident in the leadership and resiliency found in the spirit of economic developers and know that we will recover through the power of economic development. Together, we are #EconDevStrong.

Written By

Julie Curtin

Julie Curtin is President of DCI's Economic Development practice. Since joining DCI in 1994, Julie has overseen marketing strategy, design and implementation for dozens of communities around the globe. While servicing clients is her priority, she also spends untold hours thinking about how to make DCI a better place to work, learn and grow!

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