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Destinations International 2019 Annual Convention

In Pursuit of Happiness: The Five Truths of Talent Attraction (and how to increase your arrivals, budget and credibility in the next 12 months)

From coast to coast, “talent attraction” is on the lips of government leaders nation-wide. In this session, we’ll address the five truths of talent attraction and highlight the importance of partnership between tourism and economic development when it comes to lifestyle marketing. This presentation will be made by one of America’s leading female thought leaders in economic development and a pioneer in talent attraction marketing, Julie Curtin, President, Economic Development, DCI.

What: Destinations International 2019 Annual Convention – Room 102

When: Thursday, July 25th 2:00-2:45pm

Where: America’s Convention Center Complex – St. Louis, MO

Presenter: Julie Curtin, President | Economic Development

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Julie Curtin

Julie Curtin is President of DCI's Economic Development practice. Since joining DCI in 1994, Julie has overseen marketing strategy, design and implementation for dozens of communities around the globe. While servicing clients is her priority, she also spends untold hours thinking about how to make DCI a better place to work, learn and grow!

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